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  Queensland Diamond-Studio
       Diamond Direct-Importer            

Committed to Fair Diamond - Deals since 1984.
Committed to ethical Trading promoting traceable Diamonds

Private Diamond Dealer, by Appointment.
Studio 9, Cleveland near Brisbane

Specialising in supplying all types of natural Diamonds directly to private Clients.

Any shape, size and colour of Diamond. Fully certified and with Laser Inscription.

White Diamonds, Pink Diamonds, Yellow Diamonds, Black Diamonds...

Diamonds guaranteed by Certification and Laser Inscription.

Conflict Free 

Based in CLEVELAND near Brisbane, Australia and working globally with Diamond Cutters in all the major Diamond Centres:     

Antwerp, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Mumbai, New York,  Tel Aviv 

See what my Customers have to say: 

"Picked up my Rings today and I am astounded by the quality of workmanship and asthetics of my Rings! 

Thank you Eckart, Marcus"   
From Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast, Qld.

Why purchase DIAMONDS from Eckart Schillings?

#   Independent Operator

#   Better Choices

#   Better Qualities

#   Fully certified & Laser inscribed

#   Discreet, personalised Services

#   Jewellery manufacturing

#   40 years Trade Experience

#   Highest Quality Standard

#   5 Star Reviews Online

About PINK ARGYLE Diamonds

The Mine has closed in November 2020, so there are no more ARGYLE Pink Diamonds coming onto the Market. 

This has resulted in a strong surge of demand for ARGYLE Pink Diamonds, both for Jewellery and even more so for Investment Purposes.

Over the past 40 or so years, Pink ARGYLE Diamonds have strongly outperformed any other form of Investment!

We can expect this to continue in the Future as there are no New Supplies available anywhere. 

Some smart Operators out there are heavily promoting & selling Pink ARGYLE 'Investment' Diamonds to the Public at inflated Retail Prices... 

Do not waste your Money and fall for such Practices! 

Do your Homework and talk to someone who can supply directly from the international Wholesale Trade.

Allowing for realistic Growth and realistic Re-selling Opportunities in the Future.