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            Diamond Direct-Importer            

Committed to Fair Diamond - Deals since 1984.
Committed to ethical Trading promoting traceable Diamonds

Now specialising in Non-Russian, conflict Free Diamonds from Canada and Australia!

To summarise my Services

it all evolves around my Passion for Diamonds and my Love of international Diamond trading!

My most important Asset? My loyal Customer base who keep coming back year after year!

What makes me Happy? Being able to supply you with a stunning selected Diamond at a fair Price!

My Point of Difference? Unlike Chain Stores and Shops on the High street, I specialise in Diamonds and provide 

more Choices and better Prices through direct-importing selected Diamonds for you.

My Background: 

Based in Queensland, Australia since 1994

I started in the Jewellery Trade as a manufacturing Goldsmith in 1980, training in South Australia 

with the Goldsmith Richard Ivey. After my Training I went to Europe and started my own Jewellery Brand.

Manufacturing in my own Studio with up to 10 x Jewellers and distributed to 100 x Retail Stores. 

This went on from 1986 to 2005 when I sold the Business after a Robbery.

In 2005 I went 'Back to my Roots' and specialised in Custom manufacture of Fine-Jewellery for private Clients from a small Studio in Qld, Australia.

Over the years I was making more and more Diamond Jewellery and People started asking me 

to supply loose Diamonds as well. Since the Tax Office allowed Diamonds to be part of Self Funded Super Funds 

around 2016 the demand for Investment Diamonds also grew.

Forward to 2018 / 2019, I had a very busy Period which saw me working very long hours to fulfill my custom Orders, and still 

the demand for Diamonds grew, mainly because the other Operators are offering poor Service and unrealistic pricing.

With this in Mind I felt encouraged to shift my Focus again and specialise in international Diamond trading, 

importing polished Diamonds directly from the Diamond Cutters / Polishers. 

Moved my Studio again in 2021 to be closer to Brisbane.

My large Network of overseas Cutters allows me to supply a vast amount of Diamonds at Fairer Prices.

Especially sourced your requirements I enjoy the "Hunt" for precious, selected Diamonds that are well above the average!

 My Diamond-Service today simply revolves around you!

I am now based at CLEVELAND near Brisbane.  


Discreet, Reliable and Fair!